Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coming out in comics: The DC offices

The Januay 13th (or thereabouts) DC Nation column featured what I thought was a rather interesting story.  5 students from the Harvey Milk High School in New York got to visit the DC offices as part of the school's careers day, intended to, and I quote, highlight and promote positive gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender role models in the workplace.  The column mentions that the kids met Paul Levitz and David Cole.

Now I have no idea if Levitz or Cole are identify as LGBT, but I think that this visit is hugely important in terms of acknowledging diversity at the DC offices.  I would assume from the article that there are folks at the DC offices who identify as LGBT, and for DC to publicly go out of their way to court the queer vote and promote themselves as being open to LGBT kids, well I think it's bloody great.

Obviously I would hope this would rub off on the creative output and we get to see more LGBT characters* within the DCU, but I appreciate this may take some time.

*There are some LGB characters in the DCU, if you're interested, I've started chronicling them.


Sea-of-Green said...

Frankly, I would be surprised if there weren't quite a few LGBT employees at DC. Publishing companies tend to be very LGBT friendly. I have yet to work for one that didn't offer full family benefits for LGBT couples.

Saranga said...

really? that's pretty cool. I doubt the UK is that advanced. Having said that, we don't get benefits in the same way as the US does, becasue our welfare system is set up differently.