Saturday, February 06, 2010

Fantastic Fangirls Comic Book Awards Nominees!

Fantastic Fangirls are doing a comics awards type thing.  Here are the options:

In the category Best Character in a Supporting Role, Male the nominees are:

Colonel Kane in Detective Comics
Ken Hale/Gorilla Man in Agents of Atlas
Luke Cage in New Avengers
Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Ms. Marvel
Ragdoll in Secret Six

In the category Best Character in a Supporting Role, Female we had a tie so there are six nominees. The lovely supporting ladies are:

Barbara Gordon/Oracle in Batgirl
Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel in New Avengers
Jessica Jones/Jewel in New Avengers
Karla Sofen/Ms. Marvel in Dark Avengers
Layla Miller in X-Factor
Pepper Potts in Invincible Iron Man

Next, in the category Best Character in a Leading Role, Male the nominees are:

Conner Kent/Kon-El/Superboy in Adventure Comics
James Barnes/Captain America in Captain America
Jimmy Woo in Agents of Atlas
Norman Osborn/Iron Patriot in Dark Avengers
Tony Stark/Iron Man in Invincible Iron Man

Okay the last list of individuals, Best Character in a Leading Role, Female. The nominees are:

Bobbi Morse/Mockingbird in New Avengers: Reunion
Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman in Spider-Woman
Kate Kane/Batwoman in Detective Comics
Rikki Barnes/Nomad in Nomad: Girl Without a World
Stephanie Brown/Batgirl in Batgirl

In the category of Best Ensemble, the nominees are:

Agents of Atlas
Dark Avengers
Green Lantern Corps
Invincible Iron Man
New Avengers
New Mutants
Secret Six

Details of how to vore are on their post, linked above.  Looks like fun!  Of course, I only read DC which cuts down my choices a lot..

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