Friday, January 29, 2010

Hal Jordan: International sleaze


That's Guy Gardener's (supposed) widow you're hitting on there Hal-ly boy.  I don't believe for a moment that you share her grief.

I also don't believe that's tenderness you're feeling.  Go back and speak to your nurse friend, she'll explain it all to you.


Sea-of-Green said...

Oh, but in Hal's defense, Kari was just as bad as he was -- if not worse! It's little wonder that Guy dumped her after he returned and got healthy again.

SallyP said...

Can you say manipulative? Ah, Kari Limbo, how we all hate you. Hate you SO MUCH!

I do love how she says that Hal "probably" had nothing to do with Guy's death. Kari believed in hedging her bets.

I'd LOVE to see her show up as a Black Lantern! SHE was IN Coast City when it got fried! I want a Tora/Kari Cat Fight!

Saranga said...

ahh i haven't got to the books where she comes back yet..
i still prefer to blame Hal. You've both corrupted me!