Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cry for Justice #7 preview

Hmm.  Can't seem to be able to download them, so instead got to the link.

And answer me why does Speedy appear to be drawn in a position that shows off her fab-u-lous body more than it shows her leet archery skills?

Even the commenters on The Source blog agree with me.

Fucking fail.

An slightly off topic, I don't think I mentioned before but you may all have seen it anyway, I've put a reactions type thing at the bottom of each post...any feedback to be given by the ticking of the boxes would be lovely!


James Ashelford said...
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James Ashelford said...

There's some serious Supergirl-torso going on there, as well.

Maddy said...

On that last page it even looks like they forgot to draw in the arrow she's supposed to be getting ready to shoot.

Saranga said...

@james: ugh, hadn't noticed that.

@maddy: ugh again. you're right, where's the damn arrow??? and why is she making eyes at the reader?

ugh ugh ugh