Friday, October 03, 2008

Debate on trans people/cis privilege/excluding women

On the F Word. The post didn't start as that, it started as a comment on the gender pay gap. However, it used trans people experience to illustrate the point, without quoting any women.
What follows is essentially a debate surrounding cis privilege. Except that by saying that I'm cutting out trans women voices aren't I?.
Umm, lets start again. It's a debate that amply demonstrates cis privilege and the ease at which trans women's voices and views are excluded and rendered invisible in media and society.
It took me a few reads before I properly understood what Alyssa was saying, and now I think I get it. Recommended reading and a good wake up call.


Ami Angelwings said...

I find it hilarious that when Laura is confronted by her mistakes she's like "do you expect me to be perfect!? i'm learning!! I can't be 100% knowing all about trans issues!" um nobody says you have to be, but when you SCREW UP, just own up to it, learn from it and move on... dun make excuses... nobody knows everything, and saying "well it was an ACCIDENT, I'm not PERFECT, JEEZ" when you're called on your marginalization of a group you have privilege on just makes it worse :\

while I do use my own experiences to highlight the inequalities women face, both gross and subtle (for example, I rarely get the cheque nemore if I'm eating out with a male friend, even if I called for it, even if he's in the washroom), I would def have a problem with somebody just throwing me up as an example with absolutely no mention of my own thoughts or feelings on this, as proof of stuff :\ Esp if it's something like that example where transphobia is COMPLETELY ignored, and transwomen are treated merely thru a ciscentric lens as if transphobia vanishes if you're not examining it, just sexism. >:|

It's called intersectionality... I wish they'd acknowledge it >:|

Saranga said...

Re getting the cheque, because I usually ask for it the waiter/ress usually looks confused when bringing it over to me..should the man get it? should it be the perosn who asked for it?
I find it funny because I'm usually paying!

Saranga said...

Btw, thanks for commenting, I thought you'd find the article of interest!