Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Graysons

This new TV show that's gonna be a bit like Smallville but about the first Robin before he became Robin. For those that don't know, it's Dick Grayson, he worked in the circus with his folks and then they were killed. In front of him. He was traumatised, Bruce Wayne kidnapped him and he became Robin.
Firstly, this is a real daft idea if they want to remotely stick to the comics because we know his parents will die. Cheerful.
Lost of the internet seem to agree on this. Some people have suggested instead of a pre Robin Graysons show a Nightwing show should be made.
This is a stupider idea, because no fucker outside of the comics reading community has ever heard of Nightwing. People would be lost. And I presume the reason they are wanting to make the show is to capitalise on the superhero movies and on Smallville. That won't happen if they make a show about Nightwing.


Sea_of_Green said...

Well, at least the Graysons were a circus family. That IS much more interesting than the family backgrounds of most heroes.

Saranga said...

That's a fair point.
I think i just don't like Dick. I'm prejudiced against him because of the pixie boots and pants, which is a silly thing to not like him for because I've read very little of Dick as Robin. I just can't get past the ridiculous costume. Which means his circus background doesn't interest me.
Whereas Nightwing is pretty good and much more interesting, but would be really obscure to non comics people.
Hell if they make it I'll watch it, I mena I'ma ddicted to Smallville and that's rubbish!

Sea_of_Green said...

Yeah, I watch Smallville, too -- but only because I lust after Justin Hartley. ;-)

Saranga said...

EVERYONE should lust after Justin Hartley. He's just so...damn...pretty..
Possibly even hotter than Spike.

Lord Runolfr said...

I have definitely heard what I consider to be better suggestions for a new Batman-related show.

1) Dick Grayson shortly after the death of his family, growing up in Wayne Manor. Batman/Bruce is a mysterious, scary figure who is teaching Dick how to fight and various other skills, but who doesn't take Dick out with him to fight crime (yet). The adventure basically comes from Dick going out on his own to do something when Bruce goes away on his own jaunts.

2) Forget about Dick Grayson, there are years of Bruce Wayne's life when he's traveling the world learning to fight crime buy hasn't yet returned to become Batman. It's the Bruce Wayne before he became Batman show, which has potential of its own.

The problem, of course, is that Warner Brothers doesn't want to do anything of the sort while they're raking in the cash from the "Batman Begins" series of movies, so the rights are all tied up.