Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Additions to the layout and Buffy thoughts

I've just added a list of books I am currently reading. Knowing me I'll probably forget to update it when I finish each book, especially at the rate I read.
Anyway, there's links to author sites or other relevant sites if you're interested in finding out more about the titles. Apologies that the Ursula Le Guin site is so bad, but I feel it's better to link to hers than to Wikipedia.

And if anyone's got any recommendations base don what I'm currently reading I'd be very pleased to hear them! When not reading comics I tend to read fantasy or sci-fi. When locating new stuff to read I find the Masterworks series work out pretty well.

Hot damn, it's cold in this house today. I'm gonna go downstairs and watch some more Buffy. I'm 4 episodes into Season 4 and I'm just noticing how focused Anya is on Xander. She's found a tie to humanity and there's no way she's letting go. Of course the Buffyverse disapproves of sleeping around so there's no way she would be allowed to have a fling or a flirt with more than one guy anyway. At least not until season 7 (or is it 6?) when their personal lives are going to hell in a handbasket. Makes a change from the real world literally going to hell.
I just watched Fear, Itself, (y'know, the one with the 4 inch high fear demon), and Willow is *so* cute in her Joan of Arc costume. It's possible this series will be the one that makes me crush on Willow. Odd. I don't like her usually, she's too sweet.

About the episode Ted (season 2, episode 11), the psychotic robot who Joyce dates. Buffy kicks him down the stairs and he 'dies'. Buffy is filled with remorse and guilt about this, (understandably and quite rightly), until she finds out he's a robot. Then it's joy and kittens and her murder is never mentioned again. That's a bit odd. She thought he was human at the time, she acted as if he was human, and she killed him. Shouldn't she re-examine her actions? It doesn't matter if he turned out to be robotic, she didn't know that at the time and it doesn't relieve her of her actions and intentions at the time of the 'murder'.
You'd think in season 3 when Faith kills that guy that this woudla caused some soul searching on Buffy's part. Apparently not. Why does she get off scot free? Lazy writing.

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Sea_of_Green said...

Yeah, Buffy never did seem to soul-search unless it was VERY convenient for the plot. Bah. :-(