Sunday, October 26, 2008

Clocks + Comics + ?

The clocks went back this morning. I'd completely forgotten about this so it was rather a nice surprise for the radio to inform me I'd got an extra hour in the day, especially as we'd overslept.
Do any other countries put their clocks back and forward?

On to the comics. Spoilers for Final Crisis \4, Superman New Krypton \1 and DCU Infinite Holiday Special 2007, and Superboy (Kon EL series)
DCU Infinite Holiday Special 2007
I picked this up off ebay. It's the first holiday special I've bought and I rather enjoyed it. Of particular favourite was the Supergirl story (of course!), where Kara learns more about the Christmas holiday and how life is somewhat more complicated than it appears on the surface. I'm not sure if this was ever referenced in her own title, but as a stand alone story it fits in well.
Plus I'm a fan of Ale Garza's art.
Because I've got a mean streak I also loved the Shadowpact story with Blitzen paying pranks on Santa each year, pretending to be from the Anti Christmas League :D
The Green Lantern and Trials of Shazam stories were good and all, but knowing these books histories meant I didn't really understand all the background, which I think you were meant to.
Marcos Marz pencilled, Luciana Del Negro inked and Ron Reis coloured the Trials of Shazam story and it's really beautiful stuff. Good team.
Of course I loved the Flash story, it's Bart after all, how could I not! (BRING BACK BART DC!)
The Batwoman story was good, but again I felt like I was missing something.
Supes own story, done with more than a nod to the original stories (Lois as top journalist made to get Perry a coffee, and the clothes and hairstyles), made me chuckle. Specifically when Batman is dressed is Santa and then Supes clocks him in front of the terrified kids. Wonderful!

Final Crisis \4
Yep, still liking. I haven't bought all the tie ins so I have no idea who the tattoed man is or why Renee is now about to work with Amanda Waller, (or was that in FC Revelations and I didn't notice?) but I love the war they heroes are in. The impossible odds, the sense of tragedy (Ollie and Dinah separated), the despair, the sense crushing sense of doom - essentially it's all gone to hell in a handbasket and the DCU is fucked.
My favourite type of story, in fact. Can't wait to see how this is going to play out and what it will mean for the heroes.

Oh, yeah, and the Flash kiss. :)

Superman: New Krypton \1
This is being handled well. Initially I thought bringing back Kandor was a crap idea, now I've changed my mind. The writers have done well introducing conflicts and questions I hadn't anticipated (not that I ever try and second guess anything, I prefer to be led into a story). The thing with the whale was very effective and the El family meal contrasted with Ma Kent was heartbreaking. Alura and Zor-El must know the Kents right? How can they be so shortsighted
to assume that Kal has been dying to have a meal with them? On the other hand, it only looks selfish because we know of Pa Kent's death, they don't. However they do seem an arrogant bunch. But at least Kara has her folks back. Now, if they can only tie up her origin once and for all I'll be happy.

Lastly, check out the perspective on the cover!

Superboy (Kon El series)
This series is utter fluff. Just like the Kid, it's superficial, obsessed with women and their looks and with partying. This isn't a criticism, it works to write the comic to fit with the main character. It's not particularly to my taste mind you, but I'll keep reading it.
I'm on about issue 40 or so now, and it is showing signs of maturity - Superboy has just found out he'll never mature past 16 and he's having nightmares and angsting about it (as much as the boy ever angsts, let's face it, he's not Batman). The issue where he visits a never never island is really good and he has recently had to deal with villains who are not clear cut evil, and you can tell it's giving him beefs. In this completely not humble writer's opinion, this is a good thing.

Currently listening to:
Dub War - Pain. Welsh angry metal reggae type stuff. Fucking wonderful.

That's it for today, I'm out for a roast to celebrate the boy's birthday. Hope you all have had a good weekend!


Sea_of_Green said...

Indiana JUST started the whole backward-forward clock thing this past year. But I thought daylight savings wasn't supposed to end until Nov. 2 ...? Oh, well. I'm still getting used to the whole thing. :-)

Saranga said...

I guess it's just different for each region.

Huh. I read your comment and thought wtf, why would you do that, you'll be out of synch with the rest of the USA.
Then I remembered that the States have lots of time zones anyway!