Thursday, October 09, 2008


So It's Thursday and I'm sitting in a friends house in London in preparation for a work meeting later today. The Wonder Years is on the TV and I'm reminded of just how much I enjoyed that show as a kid, and how unique the voiceover style is and how much it worked. It seems nearly innovative now, which is silly, but what other show* has done a voiceover like that? And is it really just that format that makes the show stand out so much?
I am pining for comcis this week. It started on Tuesday when I read Americans pull list for this week, and now there are reviews up already and I won't be able to get mine until tomorrow.
Arggh! Need...comics...fix.
On the plus side at my mate's last night 3 of us we ended up debating feminsim, it's history and the divides amongst feminists until late in the evening. And decided we're all going on the Lonodn Reclaim the Night march in November, which is awesome! I'm so looking forward to it!

*Shows shown in the UK obviously, to someone who only had 4 channels for most of her life.

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