Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today's reccomendations

The problem with Playboy
It doesn't cover everything that's wrong with Playboy, but does bring up a lot of good points. I don't have a problem with Playboy as a soft porn magazine, I have a problem with the branding and mass marketing. I think it's wrong that girls, and I do mean girls, not women, proudly bear the logo. I do not think it's something to aspire to, I don't want to brand myself a s a Playboy bunny. I don't wish to be naked for other people to leer at, I don't wish to become a 2D fantasy.

At a hen party last year we all had to wear playboy ears and tails. And dress in pink. I was mortified. Couldn't say anything because otherwise I'd be spoiling things. I just raged inside.

At Christmas my secret Santa in my work place got me a playboy hot water bottle cover. In a feminist workplace. Not as a joke. I also got one other thing which was much much cooler, but I can't remember what it is.

Some words of wisdom from Naomi Woolf, worth cross posting here as it's short:
1. Redefine what being a woman means.
2. Break the taboo around being self-sufficient including in terms of asking for just compensation for your work. And then give money to women’s causes.
3. Never cook for or sleep with anyone who routinely puts you down.
4. Become a goddess of disobedience - don’t be afraid of confrontation, don’t back down in conflict because it’s “unfeminine”.

I'm gonna email this on to a couple of my friends who need to understand they have a right to exist.
We've got the woman's bill of rights somewhere at work. I must dig it out and post it.

Royal Mail to issue a set of 6 stamps commemorating women
(From The F Word)
About bloody time. the women featured are as follows:
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson: both the first female doctor and the first female mayor in England
Millicent Garett Fawcett: President of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies and campaigner for the female vote
Claudia Jones: Campaigner for black rights and founder of the Notting Hill Carnival
Eleanor Rathbone: Campaigner for Family Allowances
Marie Stopes: Pioneer of birth control
Barbara Castle: Campaigner for the 1970 Equal Pay Act.

The links are to Wikipedia so bear in mind the entire articles might be full of shit. I am aware of controversy surrounding Marie Stopes and her views on eugenics, namely that she advocated it. I think I come down on the side of arguing for her to be included because the advent of birth control has been *so* important to women in providing us our freedom.

The first public statue of a black woman in England has been put up. I love it :)
(Does that sentence in the link make any sense?)

The Guardian does a Deaf issue
I recommend reading it if you're hearing and don't know a lot about deafness and Deaf culture.
The Capital D is relevant in this case as it denotes Deaf culture and community, usually applying to profoundly Deaf people. Deafness with a small d is used when describing those who are not part of the Deaf community, usually hard of hearing or deafened individuals.
Speaking of deafness, I joined a signing choir on Monday :) It was harder work than I expected and will replace my weekly lessons and keep me on the ball.


Ami Angelwings said...



I wear Playboy Bunny earrings and a PBB bracelet... :|

Saranga said...

Umm..I didn't mean to insult anyone else's personal views...I have a problem with the Playboy brand but I realise I shouldn't be forcing anyone to ahere to my views. I know my comment:
"I think it's wrong that girls, and I do mean girls, not women, proudly bear the logo"
may have seemed otherwise, but by girls I meant kids under 16 (age of consent in the UK), not grown adult women.
I know that it means different things to different people, and lots of women do really like it. I did not mean my post to appear condescending to anyone, apologies if it did.

James Meeley said...

I do not think it's something to aspire to, I don't want to brand myself a s a Playboy bunny. I don't wish to be naked for other people to leer at, I don't wish to become a 2D fantasy.

You know, for taking a stance on what OTHERS need to do and why what they currently do is wrong, there is an awful lot of "I" in there.

If someone is trying to force you into that mold, of someone who needs to be seen that way or aspires to such things, they are wrong-headed assholes. Period! And I would stand an defend you and your right to NOT be forced into that mold.

By the same token, if they have no problem with the above treatment/goals, then that is their right to make such a choice, as well. And I would stand and defend them against your assertations otherwise.

When people people want to link up with groups or organizations, like say feminism, what tends to happen is some of those people start to see what annoys them as some "great wrong" in need of righting. They blur the line between a real issues of inequality or mistreatment, with things they just don't like and feel others shouldn't like, simply because they don't like it.

Now, I'm not saying this is what you were out to do. And I know you probably didn't think you were coming off that way, either, but let me tell you, you were.

While you might not like the choice they make, part of any movement, like feminism, is the right to allow people to make up their own minds and make their own choices. Sometime they will make the wrong one, but you have to let them make it. Unless what they are doing is DIRECTLY affecting you, then you have no right to demand they NOT do what they choose to do.

As for the "girls vs. women" thing, that's a bit dicey, since the age of consnet is different, depending on where you are in the world. I will say though, that if the parent of the child doesn't object to it, then you need to back off. Granted, they might be a lousy parent. But, again, as with all choices I shown above, unless it DIRECTLY affects you, you need to let the parent make the call for their child. Even if you think it is wrong. Even if you think it is a mistake.

As for Playboy, there is nothing wrong with them mass marketing their brand. Markets always take care of themselves. Supply will always conceed to demand. Again, you might not like it. It might annoy you. But you haven't the right to say it should be otherwise. No one is promised an offense or annoyance free life.

Saranga said...

Points taken. I didn't mean to some off like I was telling others what to do, obviously I did, apologies.
I honestly didn't think I was taking a stance on what others should do, I thought I was just writing my feelings, albeit partly about what others do, but focused on me feelings and why I don't like it.

I think I need to go away and think some more before I write anything else.

Ami Angelwings said...

I did not mean my post to appear condescending to anyone, apologies if it did.

I didn't think you did. :o I wasn't offended or nething.. I was just stating that I did. xD Cuz I do! :D I didn't think you were insulting or forcing me to do nething or nething at all :)

Admiral Drax said...

I'm with you, Saranga.

Check out the Playboy pencil cases and stationery sets next September in the 'Back to School' promos in WH Smith: I assume they still carry the magazine on the top shelf...

And a signing choir? Genius!

- x

PS: The verification word below is "phapit". Nice.