Sunday, October 19, 2008

They bleedin' well cancelled Manhunter again

Arseholes. One of the few comics that doesn't treat it's women as Tits and Ass in any way, and it's been cancelled.



James Meeley said...

I feel your pain. They are also cancelling Amazing Spider-Girl, too.

Of course, there's the hope they'll make her stories part of the quarterly anthology series Amazing Spider-Man Family, but still it sucks she's losing her own book.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

For some reason, I haven't caught up with the latest issues of Manhunter (I kind of like them to pile up). But it's real sad that the book is finally getting the axe.

I think what finally killed the series was that it took them too long to breath new issues into it. By the time it continued publishing, it was already too late.

By the way, Saranga, I'm linking you in my blog. I arrived here also by following Sea of Green and SallyP's posts, lol. I'm in stalker mode.

Check my blog and if you like it, link it too, please.

Saranga said...

Hi Chris. Thanks for commenting, I think I came across your blog the other day actually, (through Sea of Green and SallyP - such a small online world!), and I think I've already linked you, or am following you or something. I'll double check and add you if I haven't.

@ James: I didn't read Spider-Girl, but I always liked the premise.
Sometimes it feels like it's only the good stuff that gets axed. Or never started - I'm thinking of Batwoman here. :(

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

I have to agree, lol, the blogverse is becoming quite small since we keep running into each other. I kind of like that :)