Friday, October 03, 2008

Call for feminist bloggers

EDIT - this isn't my survey! I just looked at the post and it could look like this is my survey, it's not! I found it via a google group I'm part of.


*Feminist Blogger Project*

Also in the new-project category, I'm launching an interview project with
bloggers who identify as "feminist," however they define that term. The
goal is to do at least 30 interviews, either face-to-face or phone depending
on geography, over the next three months or so. Those in-depth interviews
will last about an hour. I've used SurveyMethods (because "survey monkey"
is just too embarrassing to say) to set up a little pre-screening survey.
Know a feminist who blogs? Please point them toward this link:

And, please forward this link widely to your networks. Thanks!

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