Monday, September 29, 2008

Second lot of reviews

Or wibblings, if you will.

Final Crisis Revelations 2 Ooh there's an angel of mercy! I believe I've mentioned how much I'm a sucker for religious stuff right? Well, by religious I mean christian stuff. Other religions do interest me but they don't get me in the heart like christian stuff does. I go to churches or cathedrals to sightsee and always end up lighting a candle and offering up a quick prayer. But I don't believe in the doctrine as a whole, just small parts get me.
I really really feel for Crispus. He was made to kill his son as the Spectre and now he's found out there's an angel of mercy and his world is turned upside again. He can't make sense of it. How do you live like that? How do you carry on?

Booster Gold 12 So much fun. It's nice to have a title not full of aggro and darkness. And Booster as Elvis. Bonus.

Green Arrow/Black Canary 12 Still the title I most look forward to each month. Love the art and colouring, love the GA family, love Dinah, getting to like Shado. I've now caught up on all the Green Arrow titles and will get round to putting up some thoughts later, along with lots of pictures of Ollie, who I now have a massive crush on. God I'm sad.

DCU Decisions 1 - Hell it centred round Ollie, of course I like it! I'm hacked off Lois is a Republican but glad to see Diana supporting Ollie making a stand.
But they shouldn't make all the characters take a stand. I mean Superman? Whatever you do it'll break a lot of hearts and tarnish the character. It's fine for Ollie, we've always known where's he's stood, but the none too obviously political ones? Please let us keep the story in our heads.

Teen Titans 63 Well Cassie was much improved in this. Bombshell wasn't how I expected, she seemed mad and homicidal last time we saw her, now she's stabilised? I guess it's a good thing, she's got more depth as a character now. Let's continue with her please, I like her.

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