Saturday, October 25, 2008

Busy busy busy

And full of womb cramp. Not impressed. I've got so much stuff I want to put on here..responses to comments left recently, comments on this week's comics, a general squeakiness about my action figures, I'd like to continue the post I wrote weeks ago about porn and comics, I'd like to respond to Allecto's further review of Firefly's Objects in Space but I haven't even read it yet. If you do want to read more about it check out Lord Runolfr here.

Unfortunately I've been really busy at work this week and also the boyfriend's back - the reason I got so many post up last week was cos he was away visiting his folks so we didn't have the usual battle of who gets to use the pc!

Also it's been really cold and the computer room is the coldest room in the house so my fingers turn to icicles in the evenings. I need mittens. Instead I've been watching lots of Buffy (season 4, Willow gets with Tara and I've finally come up with a satisfactory off screen explanation of how she went from straight to gay with no apparent warning) and reading lots of books.

Ursula le Guin's The Birthday of the World is my current read. Finally, finally I appreciate the short story. This is superb. I love her take on stuff and some of the stories and themes leave my head spinning, they're so fresh and new to me.

So yet again it's cold and I'm due to take the boyfriend out for his birthday so I'll be off. Rest assured I read all my comments and given time I would respond to every one (if only to have the last word ;) )


Ami Angelwings said...

Hai :] Just wondering, do you have an email or something I can contact you at? :]

Ami Angelwings said...

Or if you have facebook or myspace you can IM me there and I can give you my email? :)

Saranga said...

Hi Ami, just facebooked you. You;'e welcome to email or message me :)