Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Wonder Woman pilot

Well a couple of clips from the Wonder Woman pilot made it onto the web.  Two were posted by DC Women Kicking Ass, both have now been removed, presumably for copyright reasons.  If anyone knows of anywhere else the clips are still live, let me know.

They were bad.  They were very very bad.  Diana killed a common criminal by throwing a pole through his neck.  She is mean, she is angry, she is unlikeable.  That is not a Wonder Woman I want to see.  That is not Wonder Woman.  There was no Wonder!  Diana of the Amazons should inspire hope and joy.  a sense of the mythic and the magical.  She should look like she could beat you up, but also like she would give you a hug (thanks to either innerbrat or fullofwhoa for pointing this out, I forget who said it, sorry!).  She's truthful, optimistic, graceful, compassionate, polite, understanding, wise, mature, funny, dedicated to her mission and believe in peace.

None of these thing were shown in the clips.  Here is a transcript from one clip, where they are discussing new action figures:

Diana (talking over the man): I never would have done that

Man: You had the idea to merchandise--
Diana: (standing up) I never said merchandise my tits.
Etta: Wonder Woman isn't vulgar.
Diana: No. Of course Wonder Woman isn't vulgar. Wonder Woman is perfect. Perfect tits. Perfect ass. Perfect teeth. I mean, look at these teeth. She always does everything right. God forbid she make a mistake. It's not like we should expect the world to accept her being human.

(Thanks to Ragnell for the transcript).

She says all this with a sneer of contempt.  And she should be swearing by the GodS, plural.  Wonder Woman without the pagan background is simply not Wonder Woman.

The other clip had her chasing, catching and then murdering criminals.  When she catches the first one she is reluctant to hand him over to the cops because they "won't give him what he deserves" or something.  The cop then says something back to her about him needing to face justice, I think.  The initimation was Diana thought he deserved to be killed (there and then) and not go through the judicial system.
Diana has never, never been above the law.  That's what the aftermath of killing Maxwell Lord was about (contained in Greg Rucka's Mission's End trade).

Ugh ugh ugh, it was horrible.  I know I was excited about the series, but based on those clips I would not have watched it.

Edit - I also thought this had posted.  It hadn't.  Damn blogger.

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