Friday, August 26, 2011


There's lots of interesting stuff that I've seen over the last few weeks.  As I don't have time to blog properly about the, you all get a list go links instead.

Never before seen levels of political bad-assery  Can we follow Iceland please?

Supergirl redesigns Nuff said really.  It's a Superfangirl's ideal post.

More Superman in costume pictures Henry Cavill won't be wearing the red underwear. Damn.  Then again, the costume looks much better without the pants.

London 2012 Olympics seek performers any BSL signers want to put themselves forward?

Impulse number 1 An imaginary story from the DC Fifty-Too blog.  It's Iris, not Bart.

Supergirl/Babsgirl #1 Also from DC Fifty -Too

Wonder Woman #1 Also from DC Fifty-Too!

I hope you're all well. Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend my UK followers.  Enjoy the regular weekend the rest of you.  Sorry I haven't been able to respond to comments.

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