Thursday, August 18, 2011

30 days of DC! Days 12 to 15

Day 12: DC Location You’d Most Like to Visit?
Metropolis.  Get me in with thoise Super folks, please!

Day 13: Favorite artist(s)
Amanda Connor, Bernard Chang, Amy Reeder, Renato Guedes, Cliff Chiang, Ben Caldwell, Ale Gara, Nicola Scott, Ed McGuinnes, Eric Jones.

Day 14: Favorite writer(s)
Greg Rucka on his Wonder Woman run.  Judd Winick on his Green Arow run.  Landry Walker on Supergirl Cosmic Adventures.  Those are (today) probably my favourite comics of all time.  Land

Day 15: Character that should have their own movie
Wonder Woman.  Hell, at least Supergirl got her own movie once, even if it was critically derided.

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