Thursday, August 04, 2011

Henry Cavill in the Superman costume!

You can also see a cropped shot focusing on Cavill only here.

What do you think?  I'm a little underwhelmed.  The new costume itself is fine, a little modern, a little Thor influenced, a little like the DCnU relaunch style.

But Mr Cavill himself..I don't know.  He looks to me like a man dressed up as Superman for a fancy dress party (do foreign folk know what I mean when I say fancy dress?).  He doesn't look like *Superman*.  Not to me.  He looks a little older than he should, he doesn't look as kind as she should.  Superman should inspire awe and thrills.  This shot of Superman doesn't.

Earlier this week we saw images of Cavill as Clark:
And this I'm really not keen on.  His hair is wrong - it's too long and harks back to the 90s mullet.  See more here.  Superman's hair shouldn't be curly.

None of this will stop me seeing the movie, but I'm now feeling a little concerned.  I mean, I know there's plenty we're not seeing and it's entirely possible (and likely) Cavill will blow me away as Supes, but from these photos, I just don't feel like this is *my* Superman.

Then again, I'm a massive Christopher Reeve fan so I'm very hard to impress.  Although Brandon Routh did do a good job aping Reeve.
What do you all think?


R. B. LeMoyne said...

I didn't get "curly" from the pics, but it does look "wavy" which is what it should be. I do think his hair is really big, tho. I mean, super big. (Pun completely intended!)

Besides, classic Superman always had that little spit-curl thing dangling down on his forehead, and they captured that perfectly. Now, will the acting and directing and the story measure up to classic Supes? That's the real question!

Landry Walker said...

First live action Superman that I've seen that I think works since George Reeves. Never liked the Christopher Reeves Superman much, and absolutely hated the Brandon Routh one.

Don't care for the texture on the costume or the raised S though.

Saranga said...

@r.b.lemoyne: his hair should be wavy? you think? i've always thought of it as straight with one spit curl. (Christopher Reeve has a lot to answer for!)

@landry: you didn't like christopher reeve's supes? I think you're the first person I've met that doesn't! Can I ask why?

Landry Walker said...

Yeah... most everyone does disagree with me on this. To me, it all comes down to the jaw and the eyes. Christopher Reeves just couldn't capture Curt Swan's square jawed Superman or the squinty eyes. I see those features in Cavill. I also never cared much for Reeve's performance, or most of what that movie brought to the Superman mythos. So my dislike of the movie in general does color my perception a bit of the actor in question.

Also: After his performances in the Tudors I'm sold on Cavill as an actor that can bring solemn gravity to a situation that I want to see from Superman. So that doesn't hurt.

Eyz said...

I'm fearing this Nolan-inspired take on Supes. (hey, he is involved in the project afterall)
More than Superman's casting, the darker/over-detailled suit or the tone of the film..I'm specially fearing what director Jack Snyder will come up with. He's not my take for the kind of movie maker you should put on hold of such a project.

Plus can you imagine his over-use of slow-mo all over the film?

Where's all the good directors? You know, not these newbies that have been behind 88% of the comic book-to-film adaptations. I mean real directors, like Joe Johnston on Captain America.
For that matter, I wouldn't mind if it was Richard Donner back on Supes, specially after his run with Geoff Johns on Superman comics!