Saturday, August 13, 2011

30 days of DC! Days 1 to 3

Yes yes, I know this meme went round last year, but i'm incredibly late to the party.  I started writing it in January, left it until August, and now I've decided that what with the DC relaunch it might be nice to post it over August, as a sort of farewell to the old DC.  Just don't expect any commmentary, it's mostly short answers.  I'll be posting several days in each post, to make sure it's all done by 31st August, before JLA #1 launches the new DC Universe.

Here goes:

Day 1: Favorite Female Character
My favourite icon is Supergirl.  My favourite character swings between Dinah Lance, Rose Wilson, Mia Dearden or Wonder Woman.  I love reading about Dinah, but I admire Rose and Wondy more.  I respect Mia as a character.

Day 2: Favorite Male Character
Oh gods.  Ok, Aquaman is definitely up there in the top 3.  Superman, well it's Supes, of course he's one of my favourites.  Oliver Queen is also in the top 3.  Sure he can be a jerk, but I have soft spot for him.  Then there's Guy Gardner, who would be top, but he's not brain damaged any more.  I liked the anti hero jerk Guy.

Day 3: Favorite Friendship
Oh crap, this is hard.  Connor, Bart and Tim I love.  Kara and Steph are fun.  Steph and Cass are better.  The Birds of Prey's friendships are wonderful to read about.  I also love Wonder Woman's and Superman's friendship.  Or Ted and Booster.

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