Monday, August 29, 2011

Read comics in public day!

It was yesterday, so as I did last year, I toddled off to my local pub's annual beer festival and got a picture of me reading a comic there.  At the prompting of alexanderlyons and theyallfalldown on twitter I chose an old Robin issue with Spoiler in it - we decided to all read a Stephanie Brown book seeing as she's not gonna be Batgirl anymore.  I am VERY pleased to hear that she is still gonna be in the new DCU as Spoiler though!

Anyway, I proceeded to taste a lot of beers and ended up rather drunk and playing ridiculous drinking games that were altogether (un)successful, depending on your point of view.  I then came back and had a drunken twitter discussion with Ragnell about Perez's Wonder Woman.  I just started reading that run, and I'm quite frankly rather pissed off about the Amazon's origin story, wherein they are raped, tortured and bound by Heracles and his army.  Bah.  Then they are charged to wear the bracelets forevermore as a reminder of their incarceration.  Bah, I say.  Apparently this run was approved by Gloria Steinem?   Bah.   I nearly stopped reading it after the first two issues, but I'm glad I carried on, because the rest of it is rather good.

Thankfully (as we'll be heading back to the beer festival later today) I'm not too hungover today. I think continuing to read old Robin comics definitely helped.  Say, if DC were to put 'good for hangovers' on their books I'm sure they'd sell more..

There are tons of photos of folk reading comics in public on the Flickr stream and of women reading comics on the dedicated tumblr.

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