Monday, August 15, 2011

30 days of DC! Days 4 to 7

Day 4: Character you would bring back from the dead
Kid Devil!  Without a doubt.  Or Boomerang junior.

Day 5: Favorite rogues gallery
The Flash's rogues.  They seem far more human and well rounded than most.  They aren't all about the unthingking smashing of their enemies, they have thought and consideration behind them.  Plus, they have tight relationship/friendship with each other.  It makes for a very interesting read.

Day 6: Power or Ability You’d Like to Steal
Flight.  Without a doubt.

Day 7: Favorite Team/Corps/Family
The Super family.  That's including Lois, Jimmy, Perry, Cat Grant, Lana, Pete, the dog, the extra Kryptonians.  Bring it on.

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