Friday, August 05, 2011

Green Arrow!

I've been re-reading Winick's run.  I love it.  I know he's incredibly unpopular but I think his Green Arrow run is great and it's one of my favourite series.  Here are some reasons why.

All from the Road to Jericho trade.


SallyP said...

I don't think that I've actually read this...I do miss Conner. Have you seen the new pictures of Ollie for the reboot coming in Sept? He suddenly looks exactly like Conner...whom I am assuming has been shelved like so many other legacy characters.

Saranga said...

I've just done an internet search and came up with this:

is that right? oh my. erm, has he lost about 20 years? and his beard? and his blonde? oh no...I want my 40 year old skirt chasing, brash, dickish, angry liberal Ollie.. not some new trendy version.

Half the fun of Ollie is his age and his general grumpiness! His hitting on the women won't work in the same way if he's their age! he's not meant to be trendy dammit! :(

MOCK! said...

Saranga wrote: I know he's incredibly unpopular

I may have said this here before, but I have never figured out WHY he is so unpopular, even vilified by some people. I don't think I have read something of his that I really hated. And I haven't grown weary of his writing like I have Bendis and Millar.

Saranga said...

I know a lot of people think he can't write other people's characters, like the way he handled Ice in JL: Generation lost.

Others dislike him because quite often he makes characters HIV positive, then discusses what that means for them and others. As if having no HIV positive characters is somehow less political than including them..

Eyz said...

I really liked how he was able to constantly use all of the Arrow family and in-character mostly! (unlike, say, the few last G.A./Black Canary issues...ugh..)