Sunday, August 07, 2011

Super Silly Sunday

I got this from Ragnell's tumblr.  I think Superman and Hal are in hell, and I believe this story showcases how stupid Hal is.

Even if it doesn't, LOL!!


Steve said...

Why is he clinging on for dear life? I thought Green Lanterns could fly!

Eyz said...

I would have posted this on my own blog if you hadn't! XD

@Steve: I guess it has to do with the way GL rings work, they need to stay focused and WILL to fly. Here he seems to succumb to fear, so..

SallyP said...

This really is a spectacular story, written by Neil Gaiman, so if you can find it...READ IT!

Oh, and the art is pretty too. Hal is stupid as usual, but hey, he's having a hard day.

Saranga said...

@steve: cos Hal's a prat.
@eyz: ha! glad you like it!
@sally: what issue is it from?