Monday, August 09, 2010

Well, my weekly reading just got a whole lot more interesting!

(Not really spoilery)

Well!  In Brightest Day #7 we found out what the White Lantern's missions are which means the story will really pick up the pace.  Hurrah.  I really liked the artists for Dawn and Boston Brand in the diner.  Whoever it was seemed to have a really good feel for Dove.  The pencils for J'onn J'onzz and M'gan M'orzz seemed a little undefined, but they ARE shapeshifters so blurry features aren't really a problem.  Sheira in the cage was also drawn really well.

In Red Robin #15we see Tim developing a clever ruse to put Vicki Vale off the scent of his secret identity.  Gosh.  It's quite an extreme ruse.  This *will* be interesting.

Secret Six #24 sees the Six in what I presume is a past life, which seems to be a Western where Scandal is a sheriff.  It was great!

AND I got The Question: the 5 books of blood which I should have read by the time this is posted, and I haven't even started the assorted bag of 20 Robin comics that I got last week.  As there are no job applications for me to do this week I foresee a lot of comic reading going on!  And mayhap some blogging and reviewing.  If you're really lucky.

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