Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Nicola Scott on Teen Titans

heartbart has a preview page up of Nicola Scott's artwork for Teen Titans.

Ahh I don't really care if the writing's crap, the art is gorgeous!  Such a lovely Bart, and such a square bodied Con!  Oh I am so looking forward to this.

And you can buy this page!!  Be still my swooning (skint) heart.


Themysciran Knight said...

The last issue of Teen Titans I bought was back when Supergirl was apart of the team. I'm considering trying out the book again based on Nicola Scott being the artist. I'm not familiar with JT Krull's work though. I can't recall buying any comic book by him. Still, Scott is Amazing! :) I loved her work on Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman. I love that she makes all her characters look distinct and she is great with action.

Anonymous said...

YES! Connor finally looks like a teenager and not a 20 year old body builder!!! I might buy this just for the art. Hope the writing is just as good. If it's not then I'll just have to white out the words and put my own in.

Saranga said...

JT Krull is iffy. I liked his stuff on Green Arrow/Black Canary (altho it should really have been called Green Arrow cos it wasn't really about Diana) but lots of people hated it.

However, I think the amazing art will make up for the potentially crappy dialogue.

Eyz said...

The art looks fantastic, that is true! :)