Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Mans Land - the inside art

Continuing this series, lets look at the art inside No Mans Land.

As I mentioned in my last post, No Mans Land shows us a ton* of different art styles, some  affecting, some serious, some comedic and some cartoony.  Here are a few of the best ones to catch my eye.
 This is from Robin 71.  I like Alfred when he's sardonic.

 What I do not understand, is how in an apocalyptic wasteland he still manages to dress only in Butler clothes.


This just cracks me up and shows why I can't take the Dark Knight seriously. He could be looking through the door saying You rang, M'Lord?

From Young Justice 20.  I miss YJ.

 And now to the serious.  This came from the Mr Freeze story arc, but which issues they were I forget.  The things I like about this are the colours and the way Batman is drawn in the bottom left.  It's such a simple style, yet speaks volumes.

Lastly, this gem.  This was from an arc dealing with the inside of Arkham Asylum.  Dr Arkham and his assistant are trying to hold the fort while the rest of the staff trickle away.  It may even be part of the Road to No Mans Land arc, not No Mans Land proper.  What attracts me to this page is the layout of the panels and the background behind the panels.  There's such a lot of detail and care paid to producing this, and as a result it really stands out.
If anyone can tell me what issue this is from I'd be grateful.

*Yeah, that's right, a ton.  I've got a good handle on the English language tonight, to be sure.

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Eyz said...

Nice! I like the Freeze part!