Friday, August 13, 2010

This week's comics!

See I CAN do it on time (sometimes!).  No spoilers.

Superman #702.  Shit cover.  He looks like he's wearing a nappy - where's the creases and folds?  Why are his pants so bulky?  And it's boring as anything.  I think they may have been going for iconic, but it;s just rubbish.
And inside, Superman is a massive knob.  He wants to get in on humanity and ordinary people but he just comes off as a patronising, interfering, self righteous jerk.  Am not impressed.

Batgirl #13.  Better.  Proxy (Wendy) gets some screen time and Steph does her usual dive-right-in-and-ignore-subtlety kind of heroing.  I've worked out what's been annoying me about this comic.  It's the slang.  It's calling Babs 'O' and saying gross or ewww.  I don't like it.  I also think the art could do with more definition - more lines on the faces and the costumes.  But then again, this comic always seems much better on the re-read, so it can't be that big a problem.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1:  Someone tell me why Guy was never an earth cop, and was instead a PE teacher.  He loves being in charge I'd have thought he'd tried out to be an ordinary copper.  This has promise.  Black/Red/Multicoloured Lantern promise.

Antique Bakery vol 1:  It's a yaoi title, by the same lady that wrote the The Moon and Sandals.  there's no sex in this one.  I feel cheated.  But I guess the story was alright.  It was very funny in places.

Robin backissues - I got 20 back issues of Robin for £12.99 a couple of weeks back.  Am now reading them (and only one is a duplicate of an issue I already have, hurrah!) and realising how good they are.  Look out for a post on General Ulysses.


fishmilkshake said...

"Superman is a massive knob" Hah! That made me laugh out loud.

Anj said...

I agree ... 'Grounded' has left me tepid. I think I liked this issue more than you, but it hasn't knocked me off my feet.

Saranga said...

Nice to see you here FMS!

I appreicated your review Anj. You're always fairer and more rounded than I! Although now I fear I'm moaning too much on your blog.

SallyP said...

Oh, wasn't Guy simply fabulous? He does make one helluva space cop. His dead brother was a cop who went bad, and I wonder if that might have had something to do with his choice of career.

Saranga said...

@Sally: I knew you'd have the answer!