Saturday, August 07, 2010

Things I have enjoyed in comics these last 2 weeks

  • The art in Wonder Woman 601
  • The Diana in Wonder Woman 601.  I don't care how she's dressed or what she remembers.  Thsi Diana, brimming with anger is who I want to read about.
  • Green Arrow creating rope contraptions and battering rams out of tree trunks.
  • Jason Firestorm asking what the atomic structure of mouthwash (and everything else is)
  • Then vomiting over his rescuee.
  • Supergirl being an all round great book.  Particularly the artwork.
  • Les Luthor being a cruel arsehole
  • The answer to Star City's mystery forest turning up in Gotham City Sirens.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear there is a rumor going around that Jamal is leaving Supergirl for Birds of Prey. It's gonna suck if he leaves. Here's the source:
But if he does leave i'm hoping for Matt Camp or Cliff Chiang to come on board. I loved Chiang on Supergirl 50

Saranga said...

Yes I did hear about that, it would mean that I might buy BoP regularly - currently I don't because I hate what Ed Benes art has evolved into.

But, it will be sad for Supergirl - Cliff Chiang would be good, or Amy Reeder. especially her her recent cover didn't actually get published..

Anonymous said...

Amy Reeder would be so cool. As long as it's not another cheesecake artist. I almost dropped the early Supergirl issue's because of Churchill's art. I dropped Birds of Prey to. I use to really love that title. But the art was just to much. I don't want to see thongs every time i flip the page.