Sunday, August 01, 2010

Ben Caldwell Wonder Woman pitch

Ben Caldwell did the Wonder Woman strip in Wednesday Comics.  That, next to the Supergirl strip, was one of my favourites of the whole thing.  Caldwell has put a pitch to DC for a manga Wonder Woman.  Usually this would annoy me as I'm not really a fan of manga versions of American books, but his work is so lovely I'm quite excited about the idea.

Here is some artwork and pitch info he has posted:

Steve Trevor's looking rather hot!

If DC ever get serious and decide to start marketing their comics to girls, they should start with Wonder Woman.  As someone (can't remember who tho) on Twitter said recently, Wonder Woman is a warrior princess.  She should be easy to sell to a certain age bracket of girls.  She's got a well developed history, a great supporting cast, lots of interesting mythological stuff and the purity of a hero.  DC could make a lot of cash out of this, and produce some great comics at the same time.

I wish they'd get on with it.

You can see the (nearly full) pitch here and some character sketches here.


Themysciran Knight said...

Wednesday Comics was an excellent reading and visual experience when it came out last year. Especially Amanda Conner's Supergirl! :)

Cadwell's prose that went along with the concept art for his Wonder Woman shows he knows what audiences want and deserve in comic book art and storytelling. In particular, I love that Diana will be romantically interested in Bruce Wayne (JLU Batman/ Wonder Woman). Plus, all the wonderful Greek mythology! The art looks great too- Diana the fierce warrior, the tenderness as Diana kisses Steve, the hyper Etta Candy, and a very menacing Dr. Pycho!

Saranga said...

I *really* hope it comes off and he can develop this book.