Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Link time!

Because I haven't had a chance to write anything.

Campaign to keep our NHS public.  Because the government (and I put the blame squarely on the Conseratives here) are wanting to cut everything, and we're all fucked if they do.  I don't know who's set up the campaign, or how effcetive it will be, but ii looks like you have to pay to join it.  I'm not sure about that, but go have a look anyway.

A 101 Wankers.  New tumblr chronicling the abuse one London cyclist gets, complete with reguallry update dmap of wankers!

Read Comics in Public Day!  August 28th.

The ten greatest all nude fight scenes in comics.  For your voyueristic pleasure.


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notintheface said...

You don't want privatized for-profit healthcare. It's killing us here in the States, in many cases literally.