Friday, August 27, 2010

No Mans Land - Catwoman and her henchmen

Catwoman got herself an adorable henchman in No Mans Land. His name is Mookie and he's the sweetest thing ever:

Utitlising Mookie's liking for wearing ladies clothes, Selina has him act as decpy by dressing him up in one of her outfits.

Love it.  Selina looks after her henchmen.  The proof is here:


Eyz said...

Wow! I didn't remember Catwoman had an henchman at that point...
Were those issues collected somewhere? (a catwoman tpb? in no man's land? cataclysm? something else?)
What's this issues number? (pretty please?)

Saranga said...

These are from Catwoman 73 and 74, from 1999. I'm not sure if they were ever collected into a trade.

Saranga said...

The whole Catwoman IN No Mans land arc spanned issues 72 -77 and they aren't included in the No Mans Land trades.

Eyz said...


Thanks ;)
I'll be sure to check those out at some point!