Wednesday, April 28, 2010

F Word article - Silence does not equal consent

Inspired by the Jack Tweed and Anthony Davis rape case.

How can people not understand this?

This whole rape culture we live in makes me feel physically sick.  I want to discuss and add to the article, but I can't, beyond saying it makes me sick.  There's just so much fucked up stuff about the case, about people's views towards rape, about everything.  I recommend you read the article (and the comments) because people need to know that this shit happens, and they need to know that it's wrong*.

But if you're feeling fragile the article is likely to be triggering.  Hell, if you're feeling confident the article could be triggering.

*I'm not implying that any of my regular readers don't understand that rape is wrong, but I honestly think that the more these issues are brought to the forefront of people's minds, the better humanity will get in the future.  Rape needs to be discussed.

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