Tuesday, April 06, 2010

You'd think they'd have training in this sort of thing.

First Aid I mean.  Considering the amoung of casualties in any superhero/villain fight, surely all heroes would pick up some basic first aid training.  I guess Hal was asleep that day because this:


probably isn't the best way to treat someone who might have a broken back.  I'm sure you're not meant to move them.  Certainly, if you're gonna carry them in your arms I don't see why you'd imagine up a bed to strap them into.


Red said...

hey! you're back! I knew you meant to take a break so I didn't check your blog, but did today to find that you've been back for weeks.

will now have to read your back posts.

Saranga said...

yeah i've been posting sporadically for the last few weeks, and now have daily posts lined up and scheduled for the next week or so. I'm gonna try and keep it up with basic, probably comic orientated posts.

Life is a lot better, a bit of part time temp work made me feel a whole lot saner! Unemployed again now but feeling ok about the whole thing. :)

SallyP said...

Hal means well, but he's not terribly good at the whole medical thing. You should have seen what he did to poor Guy when he got hit by the bus and knocked off the cliff!

Saranga said...

which issue is that? if it's vol2 i've read it, if it's vol3 i'll be getting to it!