Saturday, May 01, 2010


It is Beltane today.  A fact I nearly missed as I was convinced that Mayday was Monday.  Probably because Monday is a bank holiday.  This led to some hurried flower and food buying yesterday.  On Beltane eve they used to light fires on the hills and people would fuck.  Cattle would be driven through the ashes of the fire to promote fertility in the coming year.  Inanna's Festival has this to say about Beltane:

"1st May marks the turning point of the Magical Year which began at Hallowe'en - this Fire Festival of joy, sexuality, energy rising, blossoming and expansion is honoured with an image of the smiling Green Man who is the living seasonal manifestation of the sap in the tree, the breath of our planet and our hope for continued life on Earth..."

I've spent the afternoon at a craft fair with a friend who was selling things, come away witha lot of ribbon and also got free comics as it's free comic day!  So far the Iron Man/Thor one looks terrible and the DC Kids one clearly isn't intended for me.

Enjoy the clement weather and the blossoming flowers everyone :)

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SallyP said...

Happy May Day! Go and jump over a bonfire!