Sunday, April 11, 2010

Before we mock Hal some more, let's look in on Guy

Specifically, let's look at his rescue style:

Very smooth.  Get another villain on your side, punch a wall in, steal your 2nd chosen villain in a a haz eof green light, and, this is the important bit, completely ignore your 1st villain while he dives for, eats and leaves to scratch at the wall in bloody submission, a prison guard.
And say nothing throughout this incident.

Smooth, Guy, smooth.

Ok, this was during the first crisis, and he had just woken up from his coma and was therefore an absolute bastard.  However, I do enjoy the purity in both the comic story telling and the essence of all 3 characters as shown.

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SallyP said...

Yup, Guy was pretty cold here. But you have to admit that considering he's still practically a novice at wielding a ring, he's pretty damned efficient!

Brutal...but efficient.