Friday, April 02, 2010

Gearing up for the election

And the tories haver come out with some quite hideous posters:

For those of you not familar with UK politics, the man in the pictur eif the leader of the opposition, one Gordon Brown, PM and leader of thre Labour party.

There are 2 things I despise here, one is negative campaigning, never been a fan of it.  The second is
the implication that the Tories would have done anything different.
In the 80s they sold off our nationalised industries
They caused massive unemployment (and rioting)
They always increase the gap between rich and poor
I highly doubt they'd have been able to handle the national debt differently
They always favour the rich with tax rates (because they are the rich) and penalise the poor (then leave no support systems in place for the poor)
They also want to do everything on the cheap, including sending soldiers to war
They highly dislike spending money on things like pensions (and actually Brown's government has introduced a new system whereby all companies must provide pensions for their staff, the Tories would never have done this).

The only thing a Tory government may not have done is let prisoners out early.  Tories would be more likely to leave them in gaol to rot in inhumane conditions.

Don't be fooled guys, Labour may not be perfect but the Tories wouldn't have done anything differently.  Labour has actually delivered good things, like the minimum wage, like repealing Section 28, like bringing in Civil Partnerships, like making the buying of sex illegal when the sex worker is beign controlled by someone else (regardless of whether the buyer knows this or not), like introducing devolution.  They have made far more noises about changing the electoral system than the Tories ever have (or will).

Labour aren't perfect but the Tories are worse.

Having said that, I'll probably vote Green.  Maybe.  My constituency is actually quite likely to get a Green MP in, I'm not sure if that would be good for the city or not.

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cerebus660 said...

I've always voted Labour but I'm having a hard time justifying support for the current government - they've strayed so far from old Labour values. But saying that it would be a disaster if the bloody Tories got in. I can remember the '80s: we don't want that again!