Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So there's an election coming...

I really should blog about it.  I have thoughts regarding how I decide who to vote for, recent news demonstrating the utter thuggishness of the BNP, and generic ideas about the comparative validity of each major party, but I haven't found the time to write anything up.

I've got some temp work which is data entry, and therefore very very boring.  Made worse by the fact I suspect the office staff are unrepentant Tory capitalists, and the addition of either KISS radio or local radio, forcing me to listen to misogynistic adverts, and the same 6 misogynistic pop songs all bloody day.  And the data entry consists of me copying and pasting info from one system to another, 8 hours a day.  I think I may explode with the frustration of it all*.  But, it pays the bills and I should probably look on it as character building.

I am also doing another BSL course, and have homework for that, which is basically practice.  This takes time and thinking, and I'm grateful that this Saturday's class has been cancelled, as one of the teachers is stuck abroad due to the volcanic ash.  Volcanic ash which is stopping my comics being shipped over.  Bastards.

I'm going to go to weekly free BSL conversation classes.  I need the practice.  Tonight I went to a gender studies reading group - I didn't say much, but it was very interesting, and reminded me that I should write up and blog the Queer Characters in Children's Lit talk I went to in march.

I am also doing job searches and applications, and have scheduled out when to do these over the next few weeks.

I have woefully neglected New Readers and only put up one review , thankfully James has done more.  I have scheduled evenings to write up more reviews.  I think I should update the facebook group.  All the recent posts here?  Written up and scheduled a few weeks ago, done really quickly in an afternoon.  And I've ignored all comments on both blogs.  No time or headspace to formulate coherent replies.

I am away this weekend to go to a local Centreparcs.  I am debating whether to take my laptop and work on job apps or not.  I'd like the complete break, but I also think I don't have time for a break.

Oh, and my Sign Choir is doiong a performance on 5th May.  I have weekly practices for that.

For someone who is effectively unemployed and didn't want any pressure I seem to have created a lot for myself.  Too much to do, too little time.  So, i'm signing off for another week or so.

Oh to play and win the lottery...

*Not in a breakdown way. I'm actually emotionally good.  I just hate the work.


cerebus660 said...

If I were you Saranga I'd leave the laptop at home. Sounds like you need a proper break. Have a good weekend and chill, I think you deserve it. Best wishes, cerebus660.

Admiral Drax said...

Saw this and Kate thought of you:

Saranga said...

adore it! thanks drax.