Saturday, April 03, 2010

Over the Rainbow! Vote for Tegan!

Any folks watching Over the Rainbow?  It's a BBC programme to find the next girl to play Dorothy in the West End in London.  Anyway, ya'll should vote for Tegan Edwards.

This is an utterly biased request as I know her mum.  But, after having watched the first 2 shows from last week I do actually think she's is one of the best ones.  So, if she gets through on the wild card vote, vote for Tegan!

Please? She is rather good.


Feminist Avatar said...

I don't know Pai. The Daily Record told me today to vote for Jenny- the Scottish choice. All these mixed messages from the media...

Saranga said...

Oh well obviously I think my view is the most valuable and important ;)

of course, deciding who to vote for, if you watch it, involves watching andrew lloyd webber. *shudder* He is really creepy.