Saturday, April 10, 2010

Red Robin #11

Or, the one in which I was getting the tie ins.  Because gee by gum, this were good!

Timmy is all elite ninja fighting type person, recognises Steph as becoming na elite ninja type person, then he's all bad ass thinky detective type person.   Dick!Batman questions him then trusts him, Steph makes a further short appearence and gets an excellent ex (?) girlfriend one liner. and Prudence calls Damian a filthy bastard midget.

And cos I'm not buying Batgirl I won't see how Timmy solves the situation.  Waaahhh!  Nevermore, I'm relying on you to give me a full breakdown!


Bookwormwithanattitude said...

Don't worry about it, the crossovers entirely over as far as Batgirl's concerned. It's going to wrap up in issue 12 of Red Robin and that's it. Batgirl #9 starts a new story arc for Steph.

But you can look at my rundowns anyway, because they'll involve caps and babbling and it's always fun to watch me flail! :p

Admiral Drax said...

There's a girl at my school called Red Robin. I don't teach her.

Saranga said...

a nickname or real name? is she a secret detective ninja?