Friday, April 16, 2010

Superheroine underwear

There's suddenly a whole lot of it about.  I wandered into Topshop a while back and found they had loads of stuff, including, for some reason, lots of body suits.  What have I missed that makes bodysuits popular or fashionable again?  Are we now progressing to 80s sports wear?  Was 80s dayglo not enough?  Anyway I digress.  Back on topic.

Marvel (pun so not intended) at all the underwear available:

So with all this cool stuff why was when I went in the shop most of it the available stuff was pink?  They had the Batgirl pants and bra (Babs hair is pink, not red, on the bra), the red WW pants and the pink infused WW bra, and all the Supergirl stuff was pink.  Because Kara is known for wearing pink.  Obviously.  One thing that is missing from the website is white boy shorts with a pink Kara picture on the back (a la the WW pants), and a pink S logo on the front.

If they'd had the yellow and red Supergirl pants or Supergirl body (good for dressing up I reckon) in I'd have (probably) bought them.  And if they'd had the bras in anything approaching a feasable size I'd have definitely bought one.  As it was I tried on the WW's not a good look.

So, I think I'll be sticking with my mens' superhero underwear.  Most definitely not pink and witht he added advantage of not riding up your bumcrack.


Feminist Avatar said...

I am currently wearing my black wonder woman pants. They have a stripey coloured band, with wonder woman's head on the front and the wonder woman logo across the back. I also have superman pants, which are blue with red band and superman logo on the back. Both from Asda- got 3 pairs for a fiver. (The third pair has Mr Grumpy from Snow White on them).

Jen said...

I'm not sure I want these bundles of psychology and ideology that are superheroes that close to my oh so private bits. Especially Wonder Woman. Have you seen how much time she spends tied up on the brink of death? Ow!

Still, stuff looks pretty rad, I'd be tempted by the stuff that looks a bit like sportswear. Do they have those bras non-padded and in 32E though? That is the question.