Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where yet again I feel love (and some rage) for comics

Spoilers ahead for Action Comics #882, Green Arrow/Black Canary #25, Red Robin #5, Adventure Comics #3, Blackest Night: Batman #3 and Blackest Night: Green Lantern Corps #41.

Action Comics #882
Part 3 of the Hunt for Reacton, and so much better than the Codename Patriot crossover.  Maybe because this directly concerns Kara, Thara and Chris.  Anyway, this is exciting, fast paced, has good characterisation and the plot is moved along well.  So, everything that is needed for a good story.  And Kara is pretty near centre stage again, so I’m happy.

Has anyone else noted the preponderence of the El family colours on the cover?  A family effort to defeat the evil, and very good to look at.

As for the second feature, well!  Now I’m sold on this and I won’t be dropping the title, because Natasha Irons has turned up!  She is on Mirabai and involved in espionage work, for both sides.  I like Natasha.  I first came across her in 52 and I find her a really interesting and compelling character.

Green Arrow/Black Canary #25
Ollie gets naked, we learn more about Cupid’s backstory and yet again rape is used as a device to show how evil someone is.  Except this time it’s to show Cupid’s evilness, and it doesn’t feel gratuitous, it feels like it fits in with what we’ve be shown of her so far.  It also isn’t glamourised, or sexed up, or presented as anything other than what it is.  Yes, Cupid is wearing a see through negligee, but that because in her head she’s about to make love to Green Arrow.

Mia and Dinah have to conceal the loss of Ollie from the cops, and I really want to see where Mia’s new suit came from.  At the end of the story we see another Olllie, this time with clothes and arrows.  I’m thinking a little splitting spell, a la Xander’s experience in Buffy.  I’m probably wrong though.

The blurb does say get the rest of the story on the next page, e.g. in the back up bit, but that’s a little misleading.  What we actually get is Mia babysitting Lian.  The story is pretty good and is all about how a strong princess (Dinah) doesn’t need to rescued by the prince (Ollie).  Except throughout this Dinah’s boobs are defying the laws of physics, so what I get from this story is it’s ok to be a kick ass ninja and rescue the prince, but you can only do that if you’ve got your boobs out.  Because damn, what are the ladies for unless they look hawt?
I appreciate Dinah likes to be sexy an’ all, but for the majority of BoP her suit was zipped up to her neck.  BoP, especially Simone’s run is pretty much the definitive Dinah.  So don’t fuck about with this.

Red Robin #5
Still good, gorgeous cover and setting up for some really exciting stuff.

Adventure Comics #3
It’s Connor and Tin’s reunion :D  Just wonderful.  I hope Bart gets a look in soon.

Blackest Night: Batman #3
Tim and Dick get well and truly manipulated by the Black Lanterns and work out what other folks have already worked out in another title.  Dick has a brilliant method of getting through and ending the melee.

Blackest Night: Green Lantern Corps #41
A good instalment but mostly fighting.  Not a huge amount extra is revealed, but there’s a good set up for the next issue.

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