Thursday, October 08, 2009

Anti cervical cancer jab available at Boots

I think this is fantastic.  Ok so it's £405, not so fantastic, and I believe that if you are over 25 and/or have had multiple sexual partners (or if your partner has) then it may not be worth getting as the chances are you will already have the virus, but still.  As it turns out, I'm eligible, so yes, I will be first in line.

I doubt the NHS is gonna pay for anyone out of school to have the jab and if they really do have something that can give you a 70% chance of immunity against the virus, then that is something to celebrate.

One of my colleauge's daughters has just had it done in school, but before she went in she was extremely worried that she would die from it.  This was all brought about from the media's ridiculous coverage of one girl, very sad that she died, but it had nothing to do with the vaccination.  Some (lots?) of my colleague's daughter's friends have chosen not to have it.  This is so sad and makes me so angry - it's something that may stop you getting cancer!  How is there even any question about whether or not to have it done?

And to all those folks who think giving 12 year olds the jab will lead to an increase in teenage sex -

If the threat of AIDs, genital warts and pregnancy doesn't put young folks off, the threat of cancer sure has hell won't.

A vaccination against cancer.  I never thought I'd see the day.

More info on the Boots jab here:


James Ashelford said...

I take it, from the opening paragraph, that this only works because the cancer is essentially viral rather than genetic or environmental (like, I believe, most skin cancers).

Still, that any cancer can be vaccinated against is nothing short of a miracle.

Saranga said...

oh look, my post has been formatted oddly. don't knwow hy that happened.

Anyway james, yes, this is a vaccination against a viral type of cervical cancer. you can still get cancer from other causes, but hey, one step at a time!

Admiral Drax said...

My wife told me to tell you that she doesn't understand why you'd need it. Her reasons are pretty sound, but this isn't the forum for it! I guess you could ask her...

On a different note, you wouldn't believe how many of our girls at school were wary of it. They're smart girls too, and not easily swayed.

I think it's an incredible, incredible step forward; although it's a shame it can't kill off an existing infection...

Huzzah for free medicine.

Admiral Drax said...

For that matter, if you get a mo, it might be nice to call Wife: she's almost ready to pop and we're awfully excited, but she's pants at calling people.

Hope all's well - we miss you and him a great deal.

Saranga said...

ok will call this weekend. I think I see where she's going with the reasoning but will be better to talk over the phone!