Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday Comics!

Finally, finally I get around to reviewing this!  It’s been a busy few months for me, but now I finally have a new job (!!!) I should have lots more free time.  So I reckon I will use it to blog.

What did I think of Wednesday Comics?  Well, the Supergirl and Wonder Woman strips were far and away the best, I think.

I really enjoyed the layout, colours, lettering and dreamlike quality of WW.  Not to mention that Etta Candy was fantastic and the portrayal of Diana herself excelled all expectations.  Fans of the silver age Wondy should have loved this strip as so far as I can tell it’s got all the components of that era’s work.

As I’ve said in previous reviews, I loved the Supergirl strip.  Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti did really really well.  Connor’s simplistic art worked very effectively, (she draws very good cats) and with only a few lines she creates a wonderful sense of mood.  As to the last strip, I thought it very dull and a bit of a let down until I got to the twist.  This is a somewhat overused twist but it worked and left us with a feeling of fun.  Great stuff.  I also feel somewhat vindicated over my love of Kara, in that she got headline status on the last issue.

Honourable mention goes to the Hawkman strip, which has to be the manliest thing I’ve read this year, and possibly the manliest thing I’ve ever read.  He taunts a T-rex then takes it on single-handedly.  He nearly yells that he’s the goddamn Hawkman.  He dives into the mouth of the aforementioned T-Rex and cuts his way to the reptile’s brain with a handy knife he had stashed away, in order to kill it.
Now if you’ve ever read anything more manly I’d like to know!

So, apart from Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Hawkman I wasn’t really impressed with Wednesday Comics.   I won’t be buying the hardcover, and until they reprint the 3 strips I do like in a cheaper and more collectible format, I think I shall be sticking with the weeklies.  This is unfortunate, as I have a space problem.


James Ashelford said...

I reckon if any superhero deserves to be the goddamn them its Hawkman, the sentiment suits him.

snell said...

I found most of the stories to be oddly paced, as if the creative teams weren't confident about how to create 1 page installments of a weekly strip.

Anj said...

Thanks for the review!

I am really fascinated that you liked the Wonder Woman strip so much. I found it so muddled and hard to follow. It was one of my lest favorites.

Did you like Kamandi at all? I thought that was one of the strongest strips.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I loved those three strips the best as well.

Also, where's the source for your banner? It makes me smile EVERY TIME.

Saranga said...

Kamandi was better than a lot of the others. I did like the old fashioned adventure story feel to it. I find the last boy on earth idea a very powerful one. But overall I could take it or leave it. (is that the right expression?)

I haven't read any other Kamandi stuff so I guess it's a good thing that I found it interesting.

Saranga said...

@ Scottyquick: the banner came from an Infinte Crisis comic, I think. If it wasn't the main Infinte Crisis title it probably would have been a spin off centring on Superboy. I'll see if I can look it up this weekend.

Charles Yoakum at made it for me.

And yes, it makes me smile too! Gotta be one of my favourite panels ever, I think. It's Karen's expression which I really love.