Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So it's true, scythe matters

I've FINALLY done it.  I've watched all Buffy episodes, in order, in one go.  A very long go, I admit, but I've done it.  I started over a year ago, probably early 2008.  I've had a lot of breaks.  Partly due to the 6 month job hunt, but that's all dusted now.

Anyway, there is SO much to love about the finale.  To be fair, there's a quite a bit to dislike as well - the first time I saw it I thought it would have been better as a 1.5 hr episode.  Now, I think it works.
What is the good?
The slayerettes.  the slayerettes are brilliant.  My favourites are Vi, Amanda, Kennedy and the girl with the acecnt who Xander dreams about seducing.
Kennedy in her white t-shirt and braces.
The inspiring speech - i'm a sucker for schmaltz sometimes.
Giles saying - 'the earth is definitely doomed'
Angel being petty - the only time he's bearable is when he's being a dick like this.
Dawn kicking Buffy in the shin
Spike being jealous - Buffy being open about her feelings.  For once.
Faith challenging Robin to a sex off to prove she's awesome in bed - this is ace!  Part of the reason I dislike Buffy is cos she's got stupid ideas about sex.  Faith doesn't, Faith just likes sex.  I love the idea that she is so enraged by the idea that she's not a hot lay, she demands a retrial.
The D and D game.
The whole giving the slayerettes the power thing.  No way is that ever going to be not unbelievably awesome.
The baseball girl.  Hell all the other girls.

Incidentally, here's a link to a slightly tweaked script for Chosen.  There's something saying about how when Buffy died the second time no new slayer was called because part of her is in dawn, so Dawn would have to die too.  Makes sense.

Here is a pretty good spoof of the episode.

Here is a link to the Buffy vs Twilight remix that has been doing the rounds.  It's pretty good.  Is Edward really that stalkerish in the film/books?  Buffy doesn't put with any shit, that's for sure.

Here is a link to a song from Dr Horrible's Sing aling blog.  Which I really really need to buy and then watch.  And I call myself a Whedon, fan, pshaw.


Boudica said...

I've done this a few times. I think it's awesome how much is foreshadowed in the earlier series. And some of the series that seemed hard going when I first saw them work so much better in context.

Love the 'every woman a slayer' theme.

Feminist Avatar said...

What! You have never seen Dr Horrible? I just don't know how you can claim to have any credibility as a scifi fan at all. ;)

Red said...

The scene where all the potentials become Slayers makes me tear up all the time. I am a feminist and my organization is all about women's empowerment so just thinking about that scene just gets me. Hell, I'm tearing up now!

I like Kennedy, Faith, Anya, and Cordelia. What do they have in common? They're strong women who know it and aren't afraid to speak their minds. And they speak truth, which many people don't like hearing.

And the scene where Dawn comes back and kicks Buffy is a fave.

Saranga said...

Boudica: On this run through i was trying to watch out for the foreshadowing, but I know I missed lots. i would go through and do it all again, but i just caved and bought 2 Smalville box sets..(season 8 and 6, since you ask) I shall be filling my weekend with gasps, crappy acting and tacky plot points. I love smallville.

FA: I hang my head in shame.

Red: I do the same. Hell, shedloads of Buffy makes me tear up. And I don't cry easy, but i sure do love these characters and the general ideas behind it.

I reckon you've got it right about Kennedy et al. the other thing I noticed about Kennedy is that she isn't ashamed of herself and she owns her body and her space. if someone were to insult her she wouldn't be hurt by it she'd be pissed for them daring to be so damn disrespectful. She wouldn't think worse of herself if someone called her ugly, she'd give em crap right back. Faith, Anya and Cordelia are the same. It's pride and belief in yourself. Compare with if someone insulted Willow - she'd take it to heart (unless she's vampire or dark willow).
And that's probably why I adore Faith, Anya and Kennedy, and dislike Willow.

Hazel said...

Congratulations, Saranga, I have also just finished my rewatch.

It's quite a relief that it's over.

My favourite part of "Chosen" is the final scene when Buffy says nothing throughout it but looks at the Sunnydale hole and smiles. Sarah Michelle Gellar was fantastic as Buffy.

[BTW, Buffy's final words in the series are "I love you" and "Spike".]

Feminist Avatar said...

Speaking of Buffy and Dr Horrible, have you ever seen The Guild. It is has Vi out of Buffy (a slayerette) who is also Penny out of Dr Horrible. It is on season 3 but each episode is only about 3 minutes long. You buy the boxsets, but most of it is up on youtube- what with them only being a few minutes long.

Saranga said...

no I haven't heard of it..but weekend viewing now beckons! cheers for the recc.