Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coming out in comics 5: Amazons

Edit:  Apparently it's national coming out day!  How apt that I posted this today!
For all of you first time visitors, I'm doing a series where I post scans of non hetero folks in comics, to highlight what is out there.  Us queer folk need to take what we can get.

2nd edit:  Oh, and Stephen Gately has died in his sleep.  He was in Boyzone and he was the first member of a (current and touring and having hits) boyband to come out.  This was important.  It was even more important that no one then cared and his career was not affected.  Think of below's post as a lil commemoration towards him.

This is concerning the Amazons.
The scans are taken from the Paradise Lost trade.  The story is that both tribes of Amazons, the Themyscirans and the Bana Migdall are being tricked into having a war.  However to start, nothing is known of this and Donna is chatting to some of the Bana tribe:

Bit of a letch isn't she?

Later on, it is discovered that the war is based on plots and betrayls.  Iphthime of Themyscira has sold out her tribe to the Bana's.  Her lover, Anaya, has been hurt in the carnage.  Iphthime is now distraught and guilty.  The following scans deal with this:

The words 'I love you' are only uttered once yet it's still obvious that they are lovers and not just friends, and there is no sexual contact (apart from th smack on the arse).  So, it is not as subtle as the Rampage story.  I wonder if this is because it concerns the Amazons who have always had subtext?

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