Saturday, October 17, 2009

They found Atlantis! (And the Daily Hate Mail indulges in more gay bashing)

Holy crap this is awesome!
Some choice quotes:

The sunken settlement dates back some 5,000 years to the time of Homer's heroes and in terms of size and wealth of detail is unprecedented

Thanks to shifting sands and the settlement's enclosure in a protected bay, the exploration revealed a world of buildings, courtyards, main streets, rock-cut tombs and religious structures. In addition, the seabed was replete with thousands of shards of pottery.

Our investigations also revealed over 9,000 square meters of new buildings. But what really took us by surprise was the discovery of a possible megaron, a monumental structure with a large rectangular hall, which also suggests that the town had been used by an elite, and automatically raised the status of the settlement.


In somewhat sadder news,  the Daily Mail really are a bunch of hate filled wankers.  Jan Moir wrote a vicious horrible piece about Stephen Gately's death, which I understand has now been amended somewhat, and Charlie Brooker and The F Word have taken her to task for it.  I reccomend you read the pieces and if you are reside in Britain you make a cplaint to the Press Complaints Commission.  Brooker has information on how to do this.
The rest of Moir's article is equally vile.

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Lord Runolfr said...

I actually saw a special with a similar topic on the History channel. Some archaeologists theorized that the Atlanteans were actually the ancient Minoans, and Atlantis itself was in the middle of the Santorini island group.

I wrote an article one it back in 2006.