Sunday, October 04, 2009

Buffy Omnibus volume 4

Various writers and art teams
Set in season 3

There's a lot of Angel in this run, you all choose whether that's a good or bad thing.  The first story is about Buffy becoming a model, and sees the return of Selke, a villain from an earlier collection.  She obviously wasn't very memorable as I couldn't quite place her.  The art is very average with some of the characters unrecogniseable at times. and the vampires are green and bat like.  Oh and Spike and Dru feature.  On the whole though, it's not a very good story.

And then we are on to the short stories.  Bad Dog, where the inker went a bit nuts, yet does provide good atmosphere, and Oz escapes from his cage.  Hello Moon features a non-monsterific monster and is a bit trite.  Cursed tells us of Angelus back when he was newly turned.  Dead Love sees Buffy reading an old watcher diary and realising her life ain't so bad.  Stinger is a demon who feeds on fear.  Mall Rats is a two page simply drawn wonderment!  Y'all need to find the comic this was originally published in and buy it up.

Then there's a Spike and Dru story titled Who Made Who? covering the period where the mad couple broke up because Drusilla boinked another demon.  It's evil and far too heavy on Dru associating pain with sex.  She's more complex than that and reducing her to a caricature is not good writing.

Next up is the Hollower.  More crap art and flashbacks to Angelus.  Back to the present day and there's a big demon draining all the vampires and about to wreck Sunnydale.  It's ok but too Angel heavy for my tastes.

Lastly is Graduation day.  Featuring a bat winged Alien type demon, focusing on the Angel/Buffy break up.

Overall opinion?  Find the comics with the short stories in and buy them off ebay.

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