Saturday, October 24, 2009

I knew it

BNP claims 3000 new members after Question Time
15% of people say they might vote BNP in a local, European or General election

Does anyone else note the hypocrisy in Grifin claiming he was a victim of a lynch mob?

There were questions about things other than Griffin's racism, so Griffin's complaints of those grounds are worthless.  In addition, when the questions come from the audience it's entirely reasonable to expect that the panelists will be questioned on controversial views.

It also turns out that the BBC feared they would be taken to the high court if they disallowed the BNP on Question time.  Fair point.  I still ask, how is the party even legal?


James Ashelford said...

Damn it. How can anyone have watched that spineless man's performance and see him as a potential leader?

He was defeated, his arguments were pulled apart, he had no answers to anything. What does that say about the impact the actual content of debate has on people in this country?

There are people I love that this man would probably not even acknowledge as human beings and it makes me want to scream that anyone would vote for him.

notintheface said...

James, there was a quote from a WEDNESDAY COMICS Superman story where Batman told Supes that essentially he'll find stupid people on any planet. That's the case here.

I just read a Chicago Sun Times editorial which states that including Griffin in the debate did more good than harm because it exposed his disgusting views to the harsh light of day, and I agree. For every one idiot follower Griffin picked up I'm betting there are 50 who were introduced to him and instantly decided they wouldn't touch him with a 10-foot pole.

James Ashelford said...

I know, its just depressing is all. I've pretty much been muttering to myself about the distorting nature of polls and how just about every poll spike is temporary for anyone but the three main parties.

Regardless, cheers Notintheface.

Saranga said...

This is getting international coverage? Great.