Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fancy dress Supergirl action

Remember how a while ago I went as Supergirl to a fancy dress party?  Well, I had another one to go last week and it was short notice so I again opted for my Kara costume, with a few tweaks.  This time I wore jeans, to a) make it different to the first outfit, and b) because I didn't think I'd get in my skirt.  I also changed the gold bangles, wore a Bat belt buckle (because a friend gave it me and I hadn't worn it out yet, plus I thought it would be a good homage to the Kara/Babs relationship), and put a yellow scarf round the belt.  That looked rather shit actually but I didn't have time to find a yellow belt.   I wore the same red shoes and socks (under the jeans) as previously.  Anyway I have 2 photos of me in it which I have decided to post as you can't really see my face much:


You can just see the Bat belt buckle there.  I have noticed that it is true, I do have very stumpy hands.  How shameful.

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