Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Meet my cat

He's now dead but he was an awesome cat. He was named Superman. By me, of course, and way before I started reading comics.

As a lil' kitty with two others from the litter:

With the dog named Rama (from a rescue centre and not named by us, but as we named the previous dog Juno I suspect there's a pattern forming. My Dad's current cat is called Dobby. Mean spirited homocidal git that he is - the cat, not my Dad):

And the last photo of him. Not at all healthy:

I miss my cat. He were a bit of a bugger and didn't like being held but he were good. I currently content myself with playing with the neighbour's cats as I don't really think I'm in a position to have pets right now. I have too much other stuff going on in my life to give a pet the attention it deserves.
When I do get another cat, and I will, I shall name it Frankenstein. And not because of Red Dwarf.


cerebus660 said...

Cute photos! Hopefully you will find time and space for another cat. We had two cats, Treacle and Tulip, who both lived to 15 and we found it hard to get over losing them.
I'm watching our kitten, Jasper, as I write this: he's curled up asleep, knackered after running round the house like a whirlwind of claws and fluff :-)

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Aw, he *looks* like a Superman.

wiec? said...

sorry to hear about yer loss. it's the worst.

when my cat Cricket passed ( aged 18 years. i got him my first day of Kindergarten) i was more upset he died than when both my Grandmas died that same summer. you got to love em while you got em i guess.

take some time but i'll bet you'll get a new cat soon enough.